Righetti lifting systems are designed and manufactured to maximize working time by offering a durable and easy-to-use product.


Glass vacuum lifters

Vacuum glass lifters for use in production or for the glass installation on the construction site.

Solutions for roof installation

Cladding vacuum lifters

Cladding vacuum lifters for roof installation or for wall panels, of various length and weight.

metal sheet vacuum lifter

Metal sheet vacuum lifters

The metal sheet vacuum lifters for handling of metal or aluminium sheets, or any other iron material.

Stone vacuum lifters

Vacuum lifters for marble, granite and other stones, lifters for strips or ceramic slabs.

Vacuum lifters for porcelain

Vacuum lifters for large-format porcelain panels

special lifters vacuum

Special vacuum lifters

We can provide customized solutions or other specific lifters.

Why us?


Innovative and a forefront technology .


Depth knowledge within vacuum lifting systems.


Rigorous trial and testing for maximum safety and efficiency .

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