Cladding vacuum lifters

Cladding Vacuum Lifters are below-the-hook lifting equipment suitable for lifting and handling of insulated panels for roofing, cladding and coldstore construction. Further, our range of lifters allow both vertical and horizontal wall applications.

This vacuum lifters are specific for panels. Therefore, using vacuum lifters in your construction site improves productivity, speeds up installation time and reduces possibility of damages of sandwich panels during their handling. As well, this equipment will increase safety for your workers.

What are the positive factors of our vacuum lifters ?

  • Fast and easy aspiration system, very important for cladding panels.
  • Specific pads and gaskets for micro-rib and trapezoidal panels.
  • Possibility to change the battery easily and quickly.
  • Innovative PLC control panel that controls vacuum level, battery status and vacuum lifter’s components.

Our cladding division offers a range of different solutions to handle every kind of panel. In addition, we can produce special vacuum lifter for “roof tile shaped” panels. Moreover, we can adapt our products to your very specific needs.

In conclusion, our cladding vacuum lifters can lift every kind of panel!

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