Vacuum lifters for wood

The vacuum lifter is a lifting device, which, thanks to the vacuum created by a vacuum generator, permits fast and easy attachment, lifting and handling of boards, faced chipboard panels and chipboard

The vacuum is created by a vacuum generator supplied with compressed air (from a Venturi-pipe system) or electric vacuum pump.

In relation to the dimensions of the material to be moved, the vacuum lifters for wood are comprised of one or two, vacuum pads, adjustable both longitudinally, with total load capacities ranging from 80 to 1000 kg. The vacuum pads have special seals to guarantee grip efficiency. The dimensions of the pad vary on the basis of the weight of the material to be lifted.

The structure of vacuum lifters for wood can be fixed or tipping.

The vacuum lifter is fitted to lifting means such as a bridge-crane, jib-crane, suspended system, fork lift, etc.

We design and build custom vacuum lifters on request.